• fallfree

Willing to Fall...

I have no strings

To hold me down

To make me sad

Or make me frown

I had strings,

But now I'm free

There are no strings on me.

The truth is, cutting the strings of the people and circumstances that control us is a slow and scary process. Even picking up the scissors by finding information and resources to help us takes an incredible amount of courage. Each string that we manage to sever can make the other strings that much harder to cut, especially if there is no safety net.

I started this blog because in the process of cutting my own strings, I've been disappointed by the amount of information and education online, especially as a Christian dealing with issues like mental health and domestic abuse.

This is my first of many entries, I hope. I think focusing my thoughts in a blog will be very therapeutic and I hope someone will be encouraged and at least maybe feel less alone.

More coming soon!


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