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Fall free...

I don't like where this plane is headed.

It's time to bail out.

I have been abused by many people in my life. In other words, many people have tried to methodically control me through various types of intimidation and manipulation: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. You'd think I'd have learned something after the first couple of abusive situations, but the very nature of abuse perpetuates self-doubt. But now I'm done. I am determined to stop being a victim. At 45 years of age, I think it's time. But how? I'm a relatively intelligent human being. My parents tell me I was their hardest child, being very stubborn and determined to do things my own way. God made me a non-conformist, and I was never uncomfortable standing out in a crowd. How does someone like me end up living the life of a victim, with the cycle of abuse repeating endlessly? More importantly, how can I stop it?

In this blog, I don't want to focus on the past, except to learn from it and take back the power that I have given to people and situations that hurt me. I am welcoming others who are overcoming victimhood and their past to contribute posts so we can learn from each other. Feel free to email me.

I'm jumping blind, but God is my parachute. Let's do this!


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